Introduction to painting with Encaustic

Fully Booked: August 22 @ 10:00 am – August 23 @ 4:00 pm

First used by ancient Egyptians – encaustic painting has been around for centuries.  Also known as hot wax painting, it involves using heated beeswax to which coloured pigments are added. The liquid or paste is then applied to a surface—usually prepared wood, though canvas and paper are often used.  The word encaustic comes from the Greek Enkaustikos which means “to burn”.

Join me on this two day introduction to painting with encaustic. You will learn how to combine  the wax and resin to create your own mix then apply to the board, canvas or paper. We will scratch and mark make with brushes and tools, then use oil paint and pigment to build layers and stories. Suitable for all levels of experience this is a great way to explore a new medium.

All materials supplied and lunch included but please bring an apron as it can get messy.  

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